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From: Dave
Subject: The Exchange Student part 5This is part 5 of a continuing story...Lisa Hardman opened her front door and walked in to see Sara lifting
herself up from Simi's lap until the head of his cock was just hidden from
view and then lower herself until the black shaft disappeared inside her.
Her firm B cup tits were half visible, with her nipples stiff and pink,
jutting out over the half leather bra. All she could really see of Simi
was his legs and cock and balls."Hi baby, having fun?" Lisa asked."He feels like he's up to here" Sara said indicating just below her
neck. "I love this cock!"Lisa went to her and held her face in her hands and kissed the teen. Nn Preteenz
tongue probed the inside of her mouth. Her hands dropped until they cupped
her tits and her thumbs rubbed the swollen hard nipples. Sara continued to
fuck the ebony cock. Lisa's hands continued down and she fondled Simi's
balls."Hello Simi, how are you?"Simi could only grunt an acknowledgment."I saw Rona's car, where is she?"Sara giggled, "She's a little tied up She's upstairs" And her eyes rolled
back and she gave a shudder and fell on Simi's cock and came.Lisa saw him cup her ass, lift her up a little and start to really piston
in and out of her cunt as he felt Sara's orgasm. As she reached the top of
the stairs, she heard him cry out in his own release.She reached the bedroom and stopped in her tracks."Oh, my, she wasn't kidding"Rona was writhing on the bed. The straps still held her arms above her
head and her legs were spread and restrained also. But she was wiggling
her hips and Lisa could see the end of a large dildo between her legs that
was shifting with Rona's movements. There was a large wet area under her
ass. The smell of her cunt juices filled the air. As she heard Lisa's
comment she opened her eyes."You poor baby" Lisa said and went to the bed. She Nn Preteenz put her hand on the
dildo and began to glide it in and out of her cunt lips. She used the head
of it to massage her hard clit. Lisa bent over and thrust her tongue onto
Rona's clit. With her free hand she took hold of Rona's tit and squeezed.
Her nipples were like erasers, the were so hard. She pinched one between
her fingers and then the other. Her tongue was bathed in juice as Rona
came. Lisa kept her tongue out like she was using a water fountain and
Rona rewarded her with jets of cum juice. Rona fell quiet, panting hard."Don't unplug her" Sara said from the doorway, "I told her she must be
filled while she was here today. She's filled from behind too "As Lisa reinserted the dildo into her cunt, she felt for Rona's ass hole
and felt the handle of the butt plug."David will be home soon. I brought home some pizzas. Is Simi going to
stay for dinner?""No, he has some kind of practice to go to. He's got to go"And they both heard the front door close."Are you going to keep her here or bring her down to eat?" Lisa asked."We can let her come down I guess"Lisa went to the closet and took out what looked like a wide leather belt.
She had Rona arch her back and slipped it under her. Lisa took out the
dildo that was in Rona and attached what looked almost like a soup can to
the belt. It had a tapered end but, it was about 5 inches long and about
3" wide. She placed the tapered end at the entrance of Rona's cunt and
tightened the belt a little. Rona's mouth opened in a silent OHH! Her cunt
was stretched wide open by this thing. She felt so full! Lisa unclipped
her wrists from the straps and reattached them to rings on the sides of the
belt. Then she released her ankles."Come Nn Preteenz on baby, let's go down"Rona could hardly walk with the dildo in her cunt and each step brought a
rush of pleasure which began in her pussy and shot up through her tits into
her brain. But she made it down the stairs and into the dining room.Sara said, "Kneel by me"And Rona got on her knees by the chair. Lisa sat down with some plates and
handed out some slices. Sara ate some and fed some to Rona. They were
sharing the pizza when David came home.He wasn't alone."Look who I found walking to our house. I gave them a lift."Alan and his sister Ann entered behind David. She was older than her
brother by about a year. They both looked alike. Ann's long brown hair
fell in waves past her waist. Alan's was cropped very short. The two of
them had been enjoying the Hardman home for some time now.It seemed that since Sara Nn Preteenz had come to stay with them for the semester, it
had been a non-stop sexual orgy.The three stopped at the door and took in the sight Nn Preteenz in the dining Nn Preteenz
Sara sitting in her leather micro-mini and leather half bra which held her
tits out, Lisa fully dressed, and Rona naked with her arms restrained and
the leather harness around her waist, kneeling at Sara's side."Come join the party" Lisa said.Ann was the first to react; and she lifted her tee shirt over her head and
kicked off her shoes. She quickly unzipped her jeans, and since she was
not wearing any underthings, she was quickly naked. She bounce over to
Sara and gave her a full kiss on the mouth."I love your outfit" and she ran her hands over the girl's body and
leathers. She then went and gave Lisa a kiss.David and Alan were not far behind her in removing their clothes. David
went first to Lisa and kissed her hello, Nn Preteenz then Sara. Rona looked up at him
and he saw the longing in her eyes. She parted her lips and he fed his
hardening cock to her mouth. Alan followed him, but he first said hello to
Sara. Lisa stood up to greet Alan and while he kissed her he lifted her
blouse up. They stopped their kiss long enough to lift it over her head
and then he went to work in removing her skirt. As he dropped to his knees
to assist in taking off her panties, Lisa asked,"Do you want to eat now, or later?"Alan answered "I'd like to eat now", and gave her a long lick which parted
her shaven cunt lips."OOHHH! That's not what I meant and you know it!", but she spread her legs
a little more to give him easier access to her cunt. Then she put one leg
up on a chair and leaned back against the table as Alan spread her lips
with his fingers and put his tongue up her as far as he could."I thought you wanted to fuck me!" Ann pouted to Alan.Sara stood and put her arms around the girl."Don't worry, there'll be plenty to go around" and kissed her full on the
mouth. Sara's hands went to work on Ann's tits, kneading their fullness
and pinching her hard nipples.She guided her into the living room and had her sit on the Nn Preteenz sofa and spread
her legs. Sara licked Nn Preteenz her way down from her throat, stopping to circle
each nipple with her tongue. She continued further down and playfully
thrust her tongue into the girl's navel. Ann giggled and placed her hands
aver her own tits and began to softly stroke her nipples. Sara jumped her
mouth past her pubic mound and began to lick the insides of her thighs.
She made her tongue hard and kept licking higher and closer to Ann's cunt.
Ann was responding with her cunt lips opening up like a flower and Sara
could see her start to lubricate. Ann's clit began to poke out from her
folds. And then, Sara's lips were sucking Ann's clit and her tongue would
flick out and apply pressure to it.She came quick and hard. Sara licked her through her orgasm and lapped up
her juices.Meanwhile, David was fucking Rona's mouth, and Alan continued to eat Lisa's
cunt. David's hips were pumping his cock in between Rona's lips, when he
reached over and fondled Lisa's tits. He leaned over and gave her a deep
kiss. As he kissed her he could feel her whole body tense up. He knew she
was ready for release. He rolled her nipple with his fingers. For Lisa,
the fact she had a young boy's tongue licking her slit, while her husband
was getting his cock sucked right next to her and they were kissing had her
already, ready to cum. When David played with her tits it sent her over
the top and she climaxed into Alan's mouth who drank her juices with gusto.
She stood panting against the table."Alan, come HERE!" Ann demanded from the living room.Alan rose and walked into the room. Sara was on her back on the couch and
Ann was on her hands and knees with her mouth between Sara's legs. Ann's
cunt lips were puffy and wet and she was wide open. One of her hands was
between her legs and she was spreading her cunt lips even further."Fuck me" she cried as she lifted her head a bit.Alan needed no more encouragement and his cock, which had been hard since
undressing Lisa, found it's way to the entrance of her cunt. He was on his
knees behind his sister and he held the shaft of his cock and rubbed the
head of it in circles around her slit. Ann kept pushing her ass back to
try to get him to enter her, but he kept up his teasing. She started to
get even wetter, if that was possible. He heard her moaning for him to put
it in her, but he resisted. He put his full length under her and against
her wide open cunt lips. He slid up and down without entering and paid
special attention that his cock head rubbed her extended clit.He felt delicious, but she wanted his hard cock inside her!! She used her
hand and pushed his stiff shaft up and, YESSS!, he was inside her,
stretching her cunt. Happily she went back to licking Sara's slit.David was getting ready to cum in Rona's mouth. He grabbed her hair and
began to thrust himself into her. She responded by increasing the pressure
of her lips on his shaft and rubbing her tongue on the underside of his
cock head. He gave one last thrust and she rapidly moved her tongue around
his cum hole."NOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" and streams of his cum shot into her waiting
mouth.He removed his cock from her lips and helped her up from the floor. She
was licking her lips so as to not miss any of his cum, when he noticed the
dildo in her."Sara wants her to have something in her at all times" Lisa explained. She
turned Rona around and showed him the butt plug inserted in her also.As they walked Rona into the living room with them, they heard Sara orgasm
against Ann's tongue."Cuummmmiinnnnnngggggg UGGhhhhhhhhhh" and Sara held her legs up in the air
and came and came for what seemed like forever.Ann rested her head on Sara's stomach and now concentrated on the feelings
in her cunt. Alan was really pounding into her and she was relishing it.
With each inward thrust she would grunt in pleasure. David went over and
ran his hands over the boy's ass and marveled at the feel of his muscles
moving as he fucked his sister.Ann used a hand to start rubbing her clit. She would bring herself up to a
peak and then stop and reach under to play with Alan's balls. Finally she
could stand it no longer and began to rub furiously on her hard throbbing
clit."Ugh Ughh Ughhh Ughnnnnnnn!" and her cunt spasmed with her climax.The milking action of her cunt sent Alan in orgasm and his cum soon filled
Ann's cunt. He pulled out of her and he was covered with cum and Nn Preteenz cream
from her cunt."Clean them up" Sara said to Rona, and she went to Alan first and took his
semi rigid cock in her mouth and washed his shaft and balls with her
tongue. Lisa released one of her wrists so she could support herself as
she leaned over to lick Ann's cunt clean.While she was bent over, David came behind her and removed the plug from
her ass. Her ass hole gaped open as he pulled it free and he guided his
newly hard cock to her anal opening. Rona's juices made ass fucking her a
pleasure His cock slipped in and she pressed back until his balls were
swinging against her cunt. Her large tits swayed as he took hold of her
hips and began a slow fucking.Alan stood and straddled Nn Preteenz her back facing David. Alan took his cock in his
hand and offered it to David's mouth. He wasn't fully hard yet and David
was able to take all of him in his mouth. His tongue was able to slip out
and lick Alan's ball sac. But not for long. Alan began to grow under
David's oral manipulations. David had to back off as he hardened. Ann
shifted her body so she could watch David suck Alan. She loved this part.
Watching the men have sex, with their hard masculine bodies and hard cocks
in each other's mouths and asses was a major turn on for her. So as Rona
gave her long Nn Preteenz
licks between her cunt lips she watched; as David fucked Rona
in the ass and sucked off Nn Preteenz her brother.She didn't want to close her eyes, because she might miss something, but an
orgasm caught up with her quickly. Rona really knew how to suck pussy and
her attention to Ann's clit sent her over. Her nipples became erect and
swollen and her cunt convulsed, over and over.David stopped his thrusting into Rona's ass, but did not pull out. Instead
he concentrated on the taste and feel of Alan's stiff cock on his tongue
and in his mouth. He cupped Alan's ass and brought him closer. He used
one hand that he wet with his saliva to jack on his shaft while he kept the
cock head between his lips. With the other he probed Alan's ass hole and
slipped a finger inside of him. He searched until he found his prostrate
and ran his finger in small circles against it."FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!" Alan screamed and his hips
jerked forward. Streams of cum erupted from his shaft.David allowed him to cum in his mouth and after the boy was spent, and he
had savored the taste around his tongue, he let the cream drip from his
lips and onto Rona's ass and his cock. David used the combination of cum
and his saliva as lubrication and resumed his fucking. He was gliding in
and out of her ass, and the cum was foaming up around her hole."Cum in her ass" Lisa said, and that was enough for David."YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS" and his cock pumped it's load deep inside Rona. He
continued to pump her until he fell out of her ass limp and wet. He
replaced the butt plug, and Rona gave her ass a little wiggle to make sure
it was in place well. He rose, helped Rona up, and reattached her wrist to
the belt. He helped her sit down on the floor, next to him in the chair.Alan sat down on the couch and Ann curled up next to him, her hand resting
in his lap."I love watching you guys get it on" she whispered in his ear as she
fondled his soft cock. "And I love you too""I love you too Sis. This is so wrong, and yet it is so right" He slid one
finger along her moist slit and brought it up to his lips. "MMMMMM"Ann purred in delight and continued Nn Preteenz to softly roll his balls in her hand.
His skin was so smooth and hairless.Lisa reached over from behind the sofa and massaged Alan's chest. She
watched as his cock rose off the Nn Preteenz seat as Ann played with it. Lisa rubbed
the head of his cock with her palm and said."The young ones come back quickly"David said "Give me another five minutes, I'll be ready again"Rona took that as a cue and leaned over and took his soft member in her
mouth again. She softly swirled her tongue over and around his flared cock
head. And as promised, he began to respond again. Rona maneuvered herself
around on her knees so her ass was facing the couch and she nuzzled David's
cock with her lips.Alan saw that as a clear sign immediately and came up behind her. He had a
little difficulty figuring out the harness that held the dildo in Rona's
cunt. Sara came over to help."You just loosen this a little and it allows you to take this out, without
releasing her" and she did.Alan placed his cock into her cunt and slid in with a sigh. Rona let
David's now hard cock out of her mouth and leaned over his chest a bit so
her tits were mashed on either side of his cock. She loved the feeling on
her breasts. Alan was rocking back and forth inside her, and it made her
rock against David's cock. She couldn't last, and Alan felt a warm rush on
his balls as she came. She softly screamed and bit David's stomach a
little.Ann got up and went behind Alan. She knelt behind him and placed her hands
on his hips. She pressed her breasts against his back and she began to
mimic his movements. As he pushed in Rona, she pressed forward with her
cunt against his ass. Ann felt almost as it Nn Preteenz she was fucking Rona also.
With his sister humping along with him, Alan shot his load for the third
time."AAAAAAAAA YYESSS!" he cried."YYEEEEEESSSSSSSS" Ann said with him as she held his chest.David lifted Rona's head by pulling on her long hair. Her face came up to
see him. She still leaned against his knees. He took his hard cock in his
hand and began to stroke himself. She put her tongue out and tried to lick
him. He allowed her to give him a few licks to wet his shaft before he
pulled her back again by the hair. He stroked fast and hard and soon felt
another orgasm building in his balls. He held his cock toward her face as
he jerked even faster. And then he was cumming!"Uugggggghhhhhhh!" and he shot cum onto her face.Her mouth opened and her tongue shot out to try and catch some but most of
it went onto her cheeks and chin. David continued to stroke until there
was just a clear dribble coming form his cock. This he fed into Rona's
mouth. She greedily sucked it in.They were all breathing heavy, everyone spent and well fucked; resting up
for the next round.
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